Molasses Based Distillery / Ethanol Plant

Sugar Plant

The Saswad Mali Sugar factory Ltd. erected 30 KLPD Molasses Based Distillery Plant in July 2006. Plant & Machinery is supplied by Praj Industries Ltd. Pune. Plant is fully atomized and based on Multi-pressure vacuum distillation process. We produce Export quality Rectified spirit, Industrial Alcohol. Which fulfill all requirement of Vendors and exports .

We have 30 KLPD molecular sieve dehydration plant for manufacturing of Anhydrous Alcohol from Rectified spirit. From last five years we continuously supply Ethanol to oil companies

Product and Co -product

  • 1) Export quality Rectified spirit
  • 2) Industrial Alcohol
  • 3) Absolute Alcohol (Ethenol)
  • 4) Compost

    We have erected Bio-Methanation Plant in year 2012 of capacity 14000 M/day The gas generated from Bio gas is used as fuel for Boiler and we have also composting unit in 4 Hector, In which compost is manufactured from press- mud and spent wash. Compost is used as fertilizer and easily available to Local Farmers.

    Rectified Spirit (RS) Specification

    No. Characteristics Mg./Lit.
    1 Specific Gravity 0.8171
    2 Ethanol Content 95.5
    3 Miscibility with water Miscible
    4 Acetaldehyde 0.000
    5 Acetone 0.000
    6 Methanol 16.692
    7 N Propanol 1222.646
    8 Iso Amyl Acetate 0.782
    9 N Butanol 0.489
    10 Iso Amyl Alcohol 0.565
    11 N Amyl Alcohol 0.861
    12 Furfural 0.000

    Grain Base Distillery / Grain ENA Plant

    Sugar Plant

    The project was established in 2010 with a dream favoured by passion, energy & dedication to built, a great enterprise..

    Driven to attempt unrivalled position in the industry . We have grain base erected distillery we have committed ourselves to maintain at most perfection in high product quality. the main purpose of GBD was to benchmark its name across the glob for its unique quality of alcohol it gives us immense pleasure to be recognized as one of the most trusted manufacturer of products like grain Extra Neutral Alcohol (GNS), Rectified spirit, Impure spirit &more. We are also specialized in manufacturing for alcohol for many industries. Our whole hearted commitment to serve our clients both domestics and international is the booster fuel that propels us forwards.

    It is our honour to provide high quality alcohol from grain which inspires future of alcohol industry. We make use of best quality raw material as well as latest technology machinery to manufacture our range. We follow stringent majors of per high international standers to insure that our products are truly pure and flawless in quality. In addition, we have a high experienced & qualified workforce comprising industries leading professionals who play a vital role in helping us achieve all the requirements of our clients. The Saswad Mali Distillery ensure the quality alcohol and takes us to the world of alcohol to set high goals.

    We are also planning to setup a Bottling Plant (IMFL & CL), CO2 recovery plant.

    What we offer

    We have an in-depth understanding of clients requirements and also made use of latest technology, facilities which help us in manufacture the most qualitative range of products. Our offering comprise the following :-

  • a) High Purity Vodka Grain ENA
  • b) Grain Extra Neutral Alcohol (GNS)
  • c) Rectified Spirit
  • d) Impure Spirit
  • e) DWGS (Distillers Wet Grain Soluble)
  • f) DDGS (Distillers Dry Grain Soluble)
  • g) Fusel Oil
  • Quality Policy

    Our Commitment to quality is one of the major factors that has led to the rise of our company on the ladder of success. In order to achieve our aim of providing superior quality products to client we have adopted a quality policy that is as per highest international standards. We have developed an in house quality control out. Some of there are –

  • a) Chemical Analysis
  • b) Sensory Test
  • c) Instrument Analysis (Gas Liquid Chromatography)
  • We have also recruited the most efficient and experienced quality controllers who are assigned to supervise all the stages of manufacturing. We also make use of maize, rice and jowar to ensure that the end product’s are the best in quality policy we are immensely trusted and relied upon by our valued customers.

    Our State-of-The –Art facilities

    The Saswad Mali Sugar Factory Ltd., Malinagar is highly developed manufacturing unit. It has a capacity and producing 28 KLPD of GNS/RS and 2 KLPD of Impure Spirit. This has been possible owing to the facilities that have been installed at our unit mentioned below are these facilities.

    Sr.No. Characteristics
    a) 30 KLPD Grain Based Distillery
    b) Cotmack software for process optimization & control
    c) Multi Pressure Distillation Plant
    d) Effluent Treatment Plant
    e) Water Treatment Plant
    f) Grain Storage Silos
    g) PLC controlled Bulher make Milling System
    h) PLC controlled Fowler Westrup make Grain Handling Systems
    i) ENA/RS Storage, ENA/RS Receivers
    j) Zero Discharge green technology, Decantation, Dryer, Evaporation

    Grain Extra Neutral Alcohol (GENA) Specification

    No. Characteristics Mg./Lit.
    1 Specific Gravity 0.7968
    2 Ethanol Content 96.30
    3 Miscibility with water Miscible Miscible
    4 Acetaldehyde 0.000
    5 Acetone 0.000
    6 Methanol 1.490
    7 N Propanol 1.806
    8 Iso Amyl Acetate 0.517
    9 N Butanol 0.554
    10 Iso Amyl Alcohol 0.375
    11 N Amyl Alcohol 0.430
    12 Furfural 0.000