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Ramchandra Bhagwantrao Girme

         The Saswad Mali Sugar Factory Limited is located at Malinagar in Solapur district of Maharashtra. Company is incorporated during the pre independence period on 17th November 1932 by the shareholders who were progressive farmers . Our Company is formed by the farmers and is run by the farmers. They acquired agricultural lands for growing sugarcane for supply to the factory. Company purchases water from the Government on volumetric basis and distributes it to irrigate the said lands.

         Initially a 250 TCD sugar machinery was imported from England and was commissioned in October 1934. With the success of this project the farmers gained prosperity and grew more sugarcane. With the extensive increase in the sugarcane cultivation and increase in canal irrigation systems in the area of operation of our Company, the capacity of the sugar factory was increased in phases to 1016 TCD in 1952. Thereafter the Maharashtra Government favoured cooperatives and the Company could not grow. It was only after liberalization in 1991 that the Company could get a licence to increase it’s capacity. The old plant was scrapped and a new 1750 TCD plant was commissioned in November 1993. This was expanded in phases to present crushing capacity of 3500 TCD.